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Mechanical Construction

In addition to mechanical service, Precision completes a large range of mechanical construction projects. These projects include: HVAC systems; controls; plumbing; med gas; hot taps; the rigging, assembly and alignment of assorted power and process equipment such as pumps, tanks, heaters, electric or steam driven compressors and heat exchangers. We also have experience working witha variety of substances; for example, plastic, copper, carbon steel, cast iron and ductile materials. Regardless of the project or the material, Precision guides a project from start to finish safely, efficiently, on time and within budget.

Because we are also a mechanical service company there is a distinct advantage built into our construction service; we construct with efficiency in mind. Meaning, we build your system to minimize your future service costs. The needs of our customers and their financial burden, both current and future, are always in the forefront of our minds.

Everything we do as an organization from the top down is designed to achieve one goal: service our clients. With that purpose in mind, whether it is a service call or a construction project, Precision employs a fanatical devotion to industry standards and safety by using only the best equipment, the latest technology and the finest, union trained, Osha certified, mechanics on every job.

We care about long-term personal relationships with our clients. Contact us so we can begin ours.

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