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Precision Mechanical Services is an organization committed to safety. In fact, safety is the critical component that strengthens the relationship between our company, our employees and our clients. At Precision, we adhere to all industry standards and OSHA regulations in a relentless effort to maintain a zero accident policy.

Internally, our employees understand that they are part of an organization that values them enough personally and professionally to never place them in a position of risk in an unsafe work environment. That is why all mechanics, including the owners, are union trained and Osha certified. From the owners outward, every member of Precision Mechanical Services is held to the same rigorous safety standards. This standard creates an atmosphere of trust, competence and personal responsibility on every project.

Externally, our clients can be assured that every single Precision Mechanical Services employee has endured the same rigorous safety training and is responsible for holding themselves and their co-workers to that high standard at all times. In addition, we meticulously plan and prepare every phase of a project, using only the latest technology and the best equipment, to further ensure the safe delivery and maintenance of our services. The elements outlined above are non-negotiable organizational standards that serve a specific purpose. That purpose is to eliminate mistakes and create a safe, healthy environment for our employees and our clients.

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